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about us

Our company had been working in the area of trading since the year 1998. The company started its business by providing engineering services in the area of industry and industrial automation. Longtime success in this particular area has stimulated activity in other business areas.

The decision of expansion of the company came with the entry of a newly recruited team that brought in a 15-year experience in the trade of food products.

Since 2009, our main business activity is in the food industry, where we have many years of experience with buying, selling, and brokering of food products, consisting mainly of commodities such as fish or poultry.

Business in the Food Industry

We intentionally create contracts with direct processors of fish and fishing and farming companies in accordance with the projected needs of our business partners. Long-term partnerships enable us to import from all the continents. We provide business partners with advice in planning, developing business strategies, and developments in production in line with market requirements and new trends.

For our success speak especially our satisfied business partners. We work in forms of trading or broker. We offer two forms of cooperation. For our partners we work as importers or as purchasing agents. We prepare bids as well as contract drafts. We provide concluding contract, order of the goods, transportation, customs clearance, storage, and the delivery of goods. We work quickly, reliably and in high quality.

our team

Robert Juhoš

Project Engineer

Petronela Juhošová

Business Manager

Melánia Řeháková

Business Assistant

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